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Flexible Transformation, Cross Table Analysis and Conversion

If you often use or create tables in your Confluence documents and you know at least some SQL basics - this macro is for you!

The macro will seamlessly allow running SQL queries against your tables like if the tables were part of a temporary database AND you don't need to setup a database for that!

Get the SQL-Powered Table Transformer macro on Atlassian Marketplace

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SQL-Powered Table Transformer Macro for Confluence is a powerful tool for analytics, transformation and conversion of Conventional Tables* using SQL queries. To get the desired results the macro leverages SQL as a "universal" transformation operator that gets applied to one or more Conventional Table*. Just add your tables into the macro container, express your desired results through regular SQL queries and the macro will do the rest. The results will be returned and presented as one or more Confluence tables that are built on the resultsets, returned by the SQL responses.

A lot of very basic examples are presented in the SQL Table Transformer Macro for Confluence User Guide.

*Conventional Tables can be:

  • Confluence HTML tables that are usually created using "Insert Table" tool
  • Any other HTML tables (pure or within a HTML code), placed inside the macro container
  • Jira table source, placed inside the macro container (multiple Jira tables are supported too)
  • CSV data, placed inside the macro container (multiple CSV tables are supported too)
  • Any other temporary in-memory DB tables you would want to create in runtime using SQL (such as, downloaded from a local or remote URL, or from attachments)

List of Capabilities

Excerpt Include
SQL Table Transformer Macro Capabilities
SQL Table Transformer Macro Capabilities

How It Works

It is as simple as can be! Here is a primitive example:

  • install the SQL-Powered Table Transformer macro to you Confluence instance
  • add the macro container to a Confluence page (you can also put it inside your other favorite table macro, such as Table Filter or Charts by Stiltsoft, so, the outer macro could use the result from the SQL-Powered Table Transformer)
  • create or put one or more tables into the container (note, that you can put one or more tables from other Confluence pages by including those into the "SQL-Powered Table Transformer" container via using Excerpt/Excerpt Include macros)
  • you are ready to transform your tables: open the macro in Edit mode and put this trivial SQL query into "SQL Query" input parameter field: SELECT * FROM table_1
  • to see the result - click refresh Preview or save the macro and the page: you should see your whole original table (the top in the macro container) brought back by the SQL query.
  • modify the "SQL Query" as you please to achieve the desired transform or analysis results (note, that you can provide several SQL queries and get more than 1 table as result).

For an overview diagram that illustrates how the whole thing works refer to the macro User's Guide, Technical Details.


  1. Get the Macro from Atlassian Marketplace
  2. Submit an Issue or Suggest an Enhancement
  3. Get Updates via RSS channel


serverSystem JIRA
jqlQueryproject = STTMFC

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